How to Do SEO for Moving Company?

Well, you’re the owner of a Moving Company, am I right? Then you better understand how tough and competitive the market is. Every now and then, some fresh ideas, and new concepts are taken by your competitors to keep themselves ahead of others. Therefore, as your company has enough potential to stay afloat, you should not be lagged behind. Only you need to optimise your strategy to take your company to the next level leaving others behind. To make your plan successful start optimising your site by reading this content.

No matter if your moving company just has begun its journey or you are already in this profession for some while, an we are always here to provide you with all the necessary support and some excellent ideas that will keep your website a higher ranking in search engines that surely help to flourish your moving company’s business.

In this article, I am going to give you all the necessary information and all the different aspects of SEO to make you understand the value of SEO for your company. Here you go-

Moving Company SEO and Its Importance

SEO is a kind of process that can be labeled as the new and perhaps one of the best strategies to keep your website at one of the top results in search engines. Only SEO unleashes the power of search engines to promote the business to the people who are looking for your services.

As this company is precisely a client-based business, having a website is not the only way to speak in favour of the company in a proper way that can attract client’s attention. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is there to enhance a website’s visibility in search engines like Google and Bing, and to help the site to rank higher on search engines and simultaneously grow the revenue of the company.

Purpose of This Article

Suppose your company is new in the marketplace and you want to get a higher ranking in search engines through more and more traffic to your site, you have to apply SEO in the best way to achieve all that you deserve. This article is about the way to reach that point. In this article, I will try to the best of my effort to provide you with information about the techniques of using SEO so that you’ll be able to deal with the competitors only to leave them behind.

Understanding Search Engine Algorithms

A search engine algorithm is a collection of rules and formulas that determine the quality and relevance of a website to the viewer’s demand. Each search engine has its own set of rules that determine if the website is real or spam, or if this website has something important regarding what the viewers are looking for. Following the algorithm, a search engine uses to rank the content. The most important thing is that, the algorithms of any search engine tend to change on regular basis. If you take Google, you’ll find that its search algorithms keep changing more than a hundred times every year.

Relevance and Authority in Search Rankings

Search engine rankings are the most desired things that all webpage owners desperately look to earn more traffic to their pages. Few factors determine if the site could manage to achieve the rank among the tops. Most popular and largest search engine Google has about 200 factors that determine the ranking of a webpage. Among them relevance and authority are the two factors that matter most. Let’s find out-


The search engine algorithms use to scan the keywords in content and also follow at which point those keywords are used and determine whether those keywords have any relevance for the viewers. For instance, if your webpage has a keyword in the heading and then in the first few lines of the content there would be a bright chance for the webpage to rank higher. Using more keywords on a page is certainly not a bad idea, but the stuffing keywords in a page should be avoided to keep the quality of the content better. Make sure you are targeting good NLP as google love these.


Search Engine Authority is one of the most important factors that help your website reach higher rankings in search engines. It’s an independent ranking service that helps the webpage owner to decide which SEO Company should be appointed to get the desired success in online marketing. Besides, an authoritative website is trusted by prospective viewers, target clients, and even trusted by other search engines.

Importance of Staying Up-to-Date with Algorithm Updates

Some webpage owners live with the wrong idea that if your post once manages to achieve higher ranking, then it’ll remain there for a long. No, search engine algorithms, precisely Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and evolving any webmaster or SEO needs to stay up-to-date with the latest changes and then make some minor changes to your webpage. Only then the webpage would keep its higher ranking in SERPs. This is a technical issue that cannot be sorted out unless you hire an experienced and reputed SEO because only they have a better idea of how to deal with this situation.

Competitor Analysis

Following the criteria of clients is not everything for a successful company. If you’re an owner of a company, then you also have to follow what your competitors are doing to earn success for their respective companies. Their branding, sales, offerings, and marketing strategies are all these things you need to follow keenly so that you have to make your own strategy to stay ahead of them in the market. And if your company has websites, then you have to watch what kind of SEO campaign they are following only to make yourself prepare well to encounter them. All these come together to define competitor analysis. This seems easy but not really so. An experienced SEO agency can only handle this subject. Therefore, to get a better result you have to consider an SEO export for your company.

Utilizing Keyword Tools

So far we have come to know that keywords are the reason behind the success or failure of a website. But simultaneously one question “from where do we get the keywords for our web pages?” is certainly going to arise in many user’s minds. Well, it is not that you need to create those keywords all by yourself, there are keyword tools, both either paid or free to provide the much-needed keywords that you can use to attract more and more traffic to your web page. Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc are some of the keyword tools that can provide you with exciting keywords for your company no matter in what profession you are.

On-Page Optimization Techniques

On-Page Optimization Techniques​

On-page optimization or on-page SEO is a kind of process that works to optimize the content of a website for search engines. On-page SEO provides search engines with several of signals to speak the search engine language to help the crawlers to understand the meaning and the context of your page. There are some areas that you need to work on to implement on-page optimization. Here we go-

Keyword Research for Moving Companies

Keywords are those simple and small collections of words that are commonly used by viewers to enter a search engine [Google] when they are looking for something. If a viewer enters a keyword into a search engine, it provides results based on the algorithm’s relevance. Using proper keywords and that also in the right places of content, the webpage would get more traffic and in this way, the page earns a higher ranking in search results. Some factors help to select the right keywords. They are-

Understanding User Intent

User intent is one of the most vital components of SEO. It is also known as search intent, query intent, and keyword intent. It shows the purpose of a person or what he or she is looking for when they type a search query into a search engine. There are three types of user intent-


These users are looking for some information related to a certain product or service. They are into the search engine only to know something in detail to get a better idea. For example, “what is a moving company” – this keyword search is only to gather particular information in detail about this product.


These users are looking to buy a product or a service. Such as, if someone uses the keyword “best moving company in Spain” it means the visitor is serious about hiring a moving company.


These users want to come to a cost-related point of a product or a service, before finalizing the deal. This search shows the intent of the searchers and how much they are ready to shell out to buy a certain thing. For instance, “best moving companies in a lower budget” this keyword shows the intent of users.

Identifying Keywords for Movers

Nothing could help your website to achieve a higher rank unless your target keywords are not brilliantly used. Even your SEO campaign doesn’t come to your rescue until the contents of your web pages are not equipped with such keywords that target the searcher to find out what they are looking for. The target keywords bring people to websites. If your website on moving company has such few keywords on almost every page then it can easily be said that it’ll be high in search results and also be popular with potential customers. Some of them are- “movers near me”, “long distance moving companies”, and local movers near me”, etc.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tags and meta descriptions are the two among a lot that is very important for on-page SEO. Search engines always check the page title and the descriptions while reading your page to find out what the page is all about. Considering this and some other factors search engines rank your page in a higher position. Therefore, the tags and the descriptions should be relevant to the content so that prospective viewers and clients will be impressed enough to click the link.

Optimizing URLs

URL or A Uniform Resource Locator is a unique identifier that is used to locate a resource or a webpage on the internet. It is also referred to as a web address that tells a web browser where and how to retrieve a resource. Optimizing URL means refining the URL structure of the website to make it more accessible and readable to the users and search engine crawlers. This certainly helps the users to understand the subject of the webpage. In this way, your page can earn more viewers only to achieve a higher rank in search engine.

Writing High-Quality Content

This one is perhaps the easiest thing to understand. Content is the backbone of any website. Viewers mostly prefer to go through it to get a better idea about what they are looking for. Now the question is, how could you decide if the content is high-quality and could earn more viewers? Yes, there are many ways to find content in good shape. Some of them are-

  1. The content should help the viewers better understand the services as well as the products you provide. This quality not only invites new clients but also retain existing clients and this makes your company could reach the desired level.
  2. Before going to create content you have to select your target audiences and you have to focus on your strategy to influence them by providing better content so that they would have no way but go through it.
  3. The length of your content also matters most. It depends on your intent and the target to which you want to reach. If you want a higher rank on the result pages of the search engines to receive more and more organic traffic to your site, then you need to furnish a long-form blog. But if you want your blog post is particular about a certain product or service keeping in mind those viewers tends to prefer short posts for their busy schedules, you have to shorten your account to keep their interest in your website.
  4. Apart from well-written and informative text, high-quality content provides more. Images, graphics, videos, and some other types of visual effects are also required to make the whole content interesting and engaging.

Implementing Header Tags

Header tags also known as heading tags (Headings and Subheadings) are used to break up the pages into different but specific sections making it more digestible for the viewers. This allows the viewers to follow only what matters most. The header tags rank according to the importance from H1 to H6. 

H1 is usually implemented as the headline or title following the others as the section matters most to the viewers. Moreover, header tags are the right places where you can put relevant keywords to your content. This helps the search engines as well as the prospective visitors to understand the context of your site. And in this way, the site could manage to get a good number of traffic.

Optimizing Images and Videos

Images and videos are the most vital parts of a website. They help the page rank higher in search engines. But wait!!! It is not that every kind of images and videos good for your website’s performance. Sometimes you need to format your images without making them ugly so that you can display them on your website. This is called optimizing images. 

Optimizing images is a process where a large image is reduced to a smaller one to decrease the file size and make it more accessible to the viewers. The same thing can be done for the videos also. The videos that are to be uploaded to your web pages often seem too lengthy and dull. To make them attractive and particular those also are optimized properly. This certainly will help your site to have crept in among the top bracket.

Backlinks for Moving Company Website

Create Quality Backlinks for Moving Company Website​

When other websites from some other domain have established a link to your website that is called backlinking. If your content is valuable enough, then other websites will show their interest to set up a link between yours and their website. This enables visitors of other webpages to read your blog. If they like it they will surely link back to your site. When a search engine finds there are many sites are linked to your site, they take your site as valuable and perfect. Backlinks are important for your site because it helps to boost your SEO ranking and gives you the opportunity to gain more traffic.

Building Relevant Backlinks

Most reputed and popular search engines like Google always gives more value on relevant backlinks as people prefer to click on them. Although the domains of the two might be different they should be related to some extent. Only then your site can get some visitors that’ll come bound from those sites. If your target viewers are unrelated to your topic, the chances of getting traffic would be thin. For instance, if try to write a blog about a moving company, don’t try to get a link from a site of a car manufacturer or something like that.

Diversity in Link Buildings

Diversity brings different cultures, opinions, and backgrounds to come together and allows some new ideas and ways of thinking in a working field which can benefit the company. This theory can be applied in the case of a website where a moving company gets a chance to connect with websites of different domains through backlinks and established a healthy environment of work only to promote the performance of each and every related site.

Avoid Link Spamming

‘Spam’ is perhaps one of the ultimate words that nobody wishes to come across who is engaged in serious online business. It is a technique that manipulates search engine results by creating backlinks from low-value sites. It is a strictly prohibited practice and a dangerous threat to your website. Search engines have clear guidelines regarding this and those who would try to breach it will lead to the penalty. Besides, this act might tarnish the reputation that you’ve earned so far, and also badly affect your page ranking and even lead to a decrease in the overall performance of the site.

Local SEO Strategy

Since you’re in a moving and packing business, keeping yourself as closely as you can to your clients can put you always one step ahead of your competitors. And if your company enters the digital marketing field then you can edge past other for sure. Local SEO strategy means, the moving company should create content for each service area including local addresses on your website. This will help the search engines know that the company is available to provide services even in small areas and that will boost the search ranking accordingly.

Importance of Local SEO

Local SEO is a process that works to optimize your webpage for search engines. It helps the site rank higher in search results of your local area. Through local SEO your website would get more customers even long after your job is done. To make this thing happen you need to optimize your website for attracting local clients. One more thing, as the site is especially meant for local clients, avoid using too technical words in the content and keep the thing simple.

Creating a Google My Business Page

Creating a Google My Business Page

Have a look on of Moving Company’s Google My Business profile. Google My Business is a free business profile that allows you to upload your company’s location, photos, products or services that your company provides, and other relevant information. This certainly helps your product or service by appearing in different Google services (Google Search, Google Map) only to increase your company’s visibility and improves search ranking as well.

Utilizing Local Directories and Citations

The inclusion of your moving company in local business map is one of the best policies for ranking higher for local searches in Google. Citation means listing your company’s name, address, and phone number in local business directories. The list of local directories is too long, therefore I like to mention a few of them. They are- Google My BusinessYelpYellowpages, Whitepages, etc.

Building Local Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are the two vital things that affect the ranking of your website in search engines. Through the reviews of any product or service, clients can express what they have experienced using a product or appointing any service. If both get a positive responses, then it means your brand is good enough for business. This would attract people and they would go to the internet and click to open the site and finally go to get it. This is certainly good news to achieve a higher ranking in search engines, and also the best thing to earn a healthy business through these two.

Importance of UX

User experience defines the overall experience that a person feels after using a product or taking a service. This is an important factor that not only helps a visitor to buy a better product or hire the right service but also promotes the website to a higher ranking.

Understanding User Intent and Search Behaviour

User intent and search behaviour are the two essential things that can make a good impact on your digital marketing effort. Unless you can catch up that the progressive viewers and consumers are looking for it’s difficult to maintain the rank of your website in search engines. Users always do not seem very particular about their requirements. Even their search behaviour doesn’t look very apparent. Their dilemma is the prime concern for your site and proper optimization of your website might earn better traffic into the search engines.

Improving Website Navigation and User Flow

Website navigation is one more vital thing that matters most to the visitors to your website. It helps to find the information they’re looking for in no time. Even navigation allows them to get some more information that they didn’t ask for but is necessary to them. This feature must be a good benefit for both the company and the consumer. As for moving company, the navigation could manage to persist the regular visitors apart from some progressive clients.

User flow defines a set of steps to be implemented for precisely online business websites that determines the experience of a user while visiting a website for navigation about something vital or when purchasing a product from an e-shopping site, It’s an important tool that keeps the visitors needs in mind and encourages them to convert into a customer.

Enhancing Site Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

Site speed might be undoubtedly one common case that needs to be taken for granted. If your website doesn’t load fast, you could lose a lot of traffic. So, if your site isn’t fast enough, both the visitors, as well as the search engines, would lose interest in your site and this may lead to reduce visibility and traffic.

Mobile-friendly sites are the most welcoming thing in today’s date. Most of the visitors love to find your site based on your company in their mobile network with a good speed and responding ability. Because it is no secret that mobile use surpassed desktop a while ago. Therefore, persons prefer most the online businesses should be uploaded on mobile so that they can do all their official communication, even transactions anywhere, any time of the day. So you have to be concerned about your mobile speed as it’s a ranking factor for your site.

Providing Relevant Information to The Visitors

The ranking of a business website also largely depends on the relevant information that is provided by your site. Often visitors who are looking for a particular product or service have the least idea about that, and now they expect that you would provide them with all the relevant information. If your site could manage to meet their needs, then you’ll get not only more traffic but a lot of positive vibes from your clients for sure. In this way, moving companies that heavily depend on public opinion are benefitted from this online strategy.

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Staying afloat, earning more and more traffic, higher ranking in search engines, and a good amount of consumers- what better could be asked by a company rather than these entire if it owns a business website? Yeah!! Right, you’re. Although all the company’s SEO always try to put the right foot forward and follow a good strategy to maintain progress there is still a chance for some mistakes to happen.  These mistakes should be diagnosed and rectified ASAP unless it may create issues in the long run for your website. Here you go-

Ignoring Algorithm Updates

To maintain their search results in a better position, search engines like Google frequently use to update their algorithms. If a website can catch up with these updates and go for some necessary changes, all you can say is that it’ll continue to rank well in SERPs. Ignoring algorithm updates is a serious issue that might decline the ranking of any website.

Overstuffing Keywords

Back in the early years of search engines keyword stuffing was considered the best way for a website’s ranking on Google SERPs. Keyword stuffing means repeating the same words or phrases that sound unnatural. This practice can result in lost traffic and even damage the relationship between the customer and the website. If you want to maintain stability in your ranking, you have to use the keywords safely. Instead of using a keyword repeatedly, you should try some long-tail keywords so that you can keep the keyword density properly. Moreover, while creating content you may find some words which have homonyms. If that is so, then you should go with the synonyms to make the thing particular for the viewers.

Duplicate Content

When content with all the same information and even almost similar keywords appears at more than one location or URL online, it could be considered duplicate content. Although this practice is still not considered for a penalty by search engines like Google, it has some negative impact on the ranking of a webpage in search results. There are a few reasons why duplicate content matters. Here these are-

  1. If the same page is available in multiple URLs it would be difficult for search engines to determine the right one. As result, the site may get less organic traffic.
  2. As for duplicate content, the search engines find it difficult to determine, which page would go for a better ranking, and this can damage the reputation of the websites.

Neglecting User Experience

User experience (UX) refers to the feeling of a person after using a product or hiring a service. It is one of the key factors for the success and failure of a website. Because it is a user experience that encourages and inspires viewers and to convert them into your clients. This brings traffic to your site and that would be a better thing for you. If your website doesn’t prioritize the user experience much, the prospective viewers do not find any reference about the quality of a certain product or service. This may put them in confusion and they have no way but force to start leaving the whole thing leaving you nowhere.

Benefits of Hiring A Moving SEO Expert

If you’ve gone through this article so far, all I can hope is that it doesn’t require explaining the value of SEO for a moving company anymore. But you can still be particular about this subject and I am going to tell you about the benefits of hiring SEO for movers. Let’s go-

Brand Development

SEO helps your company’s brand as credible and trustworthy so that more people will visit your site making your company at the top of the search results. The kind of trust earned by your company’s success in the long term and people searching for your business by its brand name.

Expert Advantage

Having SEO agency in your side means you have the best advisor which provides you with valuable advice regarding your business website so that your site could earn more and more visitors and among them, a major portion would be turned into potential clients. High ranking in SERPs is also a good thing that happens only for having SEO.

Better Results

This is one more benefit of SEO for your site. Once it helps your site to reach the top in the search results, it’s likely to remain there for a long period. In this way, your visibility increases and that brings forth visitors and potential customers to your website.

Measurable Expense

There is a big difference between in-house SEO and SEO expert. If you undertake an In-house SEO then you have to pay all required expenses separately. Such as- link building, an SEO tool, website hosting, etc. But if you hire an SEO expert then you have to pay the entire cost under one roof. These expenses seem reasonable for you.


What Are The Different Types of Techniques Can be Used for A Moving Company?

Apart from all those that I have said, few more techniques can be followed for the betterment of a moving company. Firstly, you have to follow the best-performing websites in your area and try to copy the steps have been taking. Secondly, besides maintaining a website use social networking sites to reach the onlookers and then lure them to your site.

What are The Benefits of Using SEO?

SEO is there to optimize the website by decorating its entire set up keeping in mind the preference of the consumers and earning the website more traffic as well as a higher ranking in search engines. This can provide your moving company business a great success for a longer.

How Do I Begin Implementing SEO for A Moving Company?

Well, if you’re determined to hire an SEO expert for your business website then you have to through three steps- an interview, a reference check, and a technical audit. These three will decide if your company implements SEO for the website or not. Besides, you have to keep in mind that hiring SEO agency seems a costly affair to some of you as it charges begin from anything from $3,000-$8,000 per month to get assured results. But the cost would be cheaper depending upon your requirements. We are running our SEO agency (SEOglaze) since 2013 with best result on your budget which is less than $300/month.

Wrapping Up

After following the whole article, we can be agreed on one point, SEO is essential for not only a moving company but all other businesses that wish to enter the digital market should hire an SEO. You might be wise enough to deal with many issues, but SEO is a subject that can be handled by experts and they only can take your company to your desired level. Hope the whole long discussion will be fruitful for you to strategize your business policy including hiring an SEO. Good Luck!!!

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