How to do SEO For Wedding Planners?

What is the secret behind the success of a business? Sincerity, hard work, experience, and of course the best strategy to attract clients- all come together to make a business successful. And what if you’re a wedding planner? Don’t forget, you’re the one who can make the day memorable forever for those couples who are ready to tie the knot. The entire arrangements and decorations done by you at the venue where the wedding ceremony is going to take place can also make the people amazed there.

But now it’s a different period, a superfast era, and to go with the time, you have to depend heavily on blogs and websites to draw the attention of new clients so that you can attract more and more customers easily to keep your business going.

Step by Step Guide on SEO For Wedding Planners

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO is the key that can open the door to success for your business. It makes your blog and website more popular and findable on search engines like Google. SEO For Wedding Planners means using techniques that impress Google to show your website in the searches to attract more clients in your favor. You better understand that there is tough competition in the wedding planning industry, and to keep ahead of others or at least to keep your company among the best you have to implement proven SEO techniques.

Today I am going to look for the components of wedding planner SEO to help your website rank higher and allow more and more traffic.

Keyword Research

As you all know that whenever you furnish a blog or a website for your business or product the keyword plays one of the main roles to attract the viewers. Keywords are what search engines look for to determine the topic of your blog or website. Keywords in an article provide the better idea about your plans and performances. Here comes the worth of quality keywords to lure the viewers.

In wedding planner SEO two types of keywords mostly come in use. These ares-

1. Service Related Keywords for Wedding Planners

As keywords are an essential part of SEO, so you have to be careful while choosing them and they should be specific to the content of your website. For instance, if you’re a wedding planner, you have to select the kind of keywords that make your clients search easily to reach you. “Wedding Planner” is the most common keyword to catch you. But in this highly competitive profession, you have to choose something attractive and also different from others. Such as – “Wedding Planner for Ballroom Wedding”, “Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner”, “Wedding Planner at Your Doorstep” etc. Thanks to Google Free Keyword Tool which certainly helps you to find keywords that can make your website better understandable for your prospective clients. 

But here is one thing I want to say. This is the very important stage of ranking a site on Google first page. If you select a wrong keyword then you will not able to rank that keyword easily. So, my suggestion is that make sure you know the keyword very will before going to start targeting.

Note: If you need any help regarding this then you can take our 30 min. free SEO consultation.

2. Informative Keywords for Weeding Planners

Informative keywords help prospective clients to search the topics to get all the information about wedding planners from their blogs or websites. They actually don’t have much idea about how wedding planning happens. They are only concerned about the date and place of the ceremony. Therefore, many questions might come to their mind regarding this profession and they want to get more and more information about wedding planners. So when they go to search the blog or website for this purpose, the informative keywords reduce their work and they could be able to know much in no time. For example, “How does a Wedding Planner Works?” is the one keyword that can provide a lot of information about this business.

On-page SEO

The prime focus of SEO is to rank as high as possible in search engines. To make this possible, a company has to design and develop its website to impress Google’s algorithm. The factors in Google’s algorithm that determine the ranking of a website comprise two categories- on-page and of-page SEO.

On-page SEO is to optimizing websites for specific keywords to increase the visibility and traffic of search engines. Some of the most vital on-page SEO factors are –

1. Using The Main Keywords in Best Place

I hope you have got the right keyword for your company and you are ready to do the next step. Well, now we are going to use those keywords on different places like Title tags, Content, Meta, Image alt tags, etc. If we use those keywords properly then we can get the following benefits:

Relevancy and Clarity: If you use the main keyword on the page then it will be a good signal for search engines.

Rank Improvement: Using the main keyword in the H tags, meta description, and content can improve the page’s search engine ranking for that keyword.

Increased visibility: Optimising a page title with keyword is a good thing and as a result CRT will increase.

If you’re a wedding planner, then you may go with “Wedding Planner in New York”, “Find Your Wedding Planner online”, etc.

2. Using LSI and Secondary Keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is the kind of keyword that has a close link with the main keywords. These are not total phrases but simply a word or two that indicate what topic you’re going to search. For example, if it finds the words: ‘Wedding’, ’Wedding Decoration’, or ‘Ceremony Planner’, it means the article is perhaps about wedding planners.

Secondary keywords play the second fiddle or the supporting role in an article that helps to bring in additional information. Although these have less SEO value still they work to promote your page. Such as “Eco-Friendly Planner”, “Budget-Friendly Planner” etc.

3. Maintaining Keywords Ratio

Keywords are the prime things that can draw the attention of viewers of your website if they’re looking for a wedding planner. But it doesn’t mean you have to stuff your pages with keywords as this practice could hit the quality of your content. There should be a balance in using keywords. 


If your page has 1000 words then you can use a maximum of 2-3 times in each page. I suggest you to add more Related keywords or LSI keywords.  But always main the keyword ratio.

4. Using H tags in Best Way

The H tag is a kind of HTML tag that indicates the heading of a website. Known as heading tags these are used to differentiate the headings and subheadings. There are 6 different H-tag levels (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6). 

If H tags are used properly on a website, they can make the blog post easy and enjoyable. Besides, it helps search engines to understand the content better, and in this way, your website might get more traffic. As for a wedding planner, the website certainly is catchy and interesting if the H tags are used in the best way.

5. Quality Content

Apart from keywords and H tags, no website could do better in the search engine and fail to draw many visitors if the content that is written on the subject is not up to the mark. A wedding planner should provide all necessary information about its company, its previous performances, and also some exciting ideas for future projects in the contents of the web pages, it cannot lure the clients in its favor.

6. Image Optimization

The websites that focus on images mostly win the race. It’s a process of optimizing for better performance in search results. Images leave a good impact on viewer’s minds and they mostly look for visual explanations to get a better idea about what they are up to. Optimizing the image file, name, and size makes is easier for search engines, and also helps to improve the ranking of the websites. If you’re a wedding planner then it’s a must-do kind of thing that helps to create a better impression and explanation as well about the kind of work you’ve been doing so far.

7. Inbound and Outbound Links

If you have a little experience with SEO then you might know that links are necessary for search engine optimization. Basically, links are two types that matter most inbound and outbound. Inbound links are backlinks that come from other websites while outbound links are those that link out to others or different websites. Although both links have a good value for promoting your pages, the inbound link is a little ahead of the latter as it has the greatest SEO benefits. This help to improve the ranking and more, as you’ve inbound links, the credibility of your pages might soar up and you’ll earn more traffic than before. But get inbound links as many as possible, your content should be high in quality, and you have to promote your website on social media to reach a maximum of people.

8. Proper Interlinking

Interlinking is a kind of process where one article is linked with other articles on that particular site related to the relevant topic. A link should be there on the site so that a reader could jump from one to another for better understanding. Interlinking helps to increase the number of visitors as well as the ranking of a specific keyword. If you’re a wedding planner, interlinking would help the reader to consider the different options of wedding planning so that he could understand better your type of work from a different perspective.

9. Meta Tags and Meta Description

Meta-tags are snippets of HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) code that can be crawled by a search engines such as Google. This determines the visibility of a website. Through Meta-tag a website communicates with search engine robots. Good writing and configuration of Meta-tag help robots to understand well the content and this makes the site rank higher in the SERPs. On the other hand, Meta description provides a brief summary of a website. It gives the viewers an idea of the content that exists on the page obviously related to the subject you is looking for. In this way, these two have a positive impact on the ranking of the page. For example –

Meta description

10. Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed refers to the amount of time that it takes for a webpage to load. Although it sounds simple the thing is not so easy. It is determined by some factors. They are – the server of the site size of the file and the image compression. This feature is also responsible for search engine rankings and the overall success of a site. If the webpage takes more than 5 seconds to load it may lose a good number of users while faster pages earn high traffic.

11. User’s Friendly Website

To make a website high in ranking or successful in achieving high traffic, well-written content or a great design is not everything that requires. To earn success first you have to make your website user- friendly. User-friendly website indicates a site that the user can operate and use easily. If users experience pleasant and effortless while using your site, it can attract more viewers. As you’re a wedding planner then you always try to catch more and more visitors to your site so that could make your business flourish. 

To make a user-friendly website, you have to keep in mind what users like to see on the page. Besides, detailed information on a particular subject should be provided with a clear and understandable version so that visitors have no problem to get a better idea about what they would look for.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the kind of tactics that have been taken outside of a website helping to improve its rankings. The target Off-page SEO is to get search engines as well as users to consider a site most reliable, relevant, and authoritative.

The most popular technique of off-page SEO is backlinks. These are kinds of links that appear on other’s websites and if clicked the link will send the visitor to your website. These are also known as inbound links. Backlinks are considered valuable and only then they would like to tag your backlink on their webpage. Besides, it increases the chances to have a better ranking in search engines.

1. Guest Post Backlinks

Guest post backlinks is a process that creates content supposed to be published on other’s websites. It’s a popular method for getting high-authority backlinks from other high-quality websites. Posting excellent content on other’s high-quality websites helps to build authority and trust. Apart from that, guest posting can help you also by bringing more traffic to your website. 

For example, if a wedding planner posts high-quality content to another website related to some relevant business, certainly draws viewers who’re really interested in professionals like you for the near future.

But the thing is that getting a guest post link is not easy for now. You have to reach out many website owners to get a single link. The bad thing is that most website owner does not accept this.

Here we can help you to get high-authority guest post backlinks. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it, we will handle it for you. 

2. Press Release Backlinks

Press releases are one of the most powerful link building technique that you can gain or earn some benefits for your website through this. Press release backlink means you have to create newsworthy content on authority websites; you might get some links from media outlets and that would be a great thing for your site. 

In this way, your website can earn more traffic for the betterment of your business. If you’re a wedding planner, then press release backlinks on local outlets catch the attention of prospective viewers for sure.

3. Niche Edit Backlinks

This is a kind of SEO backlink on some other’s website that connects back to your website and vice versa. Although this type of backlinks is usually found in large publication houses, these can also be popular and in demand on the best niche sites. 

Having this kind of quality backlinks on your websites may earn you a reputation as a quality content creator and also provide you with more traffic to your website. Besides, this even helps you to gain a higher ranking in organic search engines.

Google My Business Optimization

google my business

Google My Business currently known as Google Business Profile is the process of optimizing free listing feature that allows to you to upload photos, location, services, and other information related to your business. 

This profile may get a chance to appear in Google Maps, Google Search, and some other Google services, and that certainly increases more visibility to your site. Moreover, this gives you the opportunity to attract clients who’re looking for a professional like you. 

Apart from this, with a GMB account you can share photos of your services, access your business information and even you can respond to reviews.  In recent times GMB has become an essential part of any web-marketing business strategy.  It’s a free and easy-to-use tool for local business to provide your website more viewers and higher ranking as well in search engines.


Do You Need A Blog on Wedding Planner Site?

As a wedding planner, you always have to be well-connected with the online market through your website including all relevant information that you can provide regarding your business. Therefore, you need to create a blog to improve search engine rankings by providing fresh content on regular basis to elevate your authority and get more viewers for the much-needed benefits to your business

Can I Hire Any SEO Agency?

If you’re determined to launch a website for your wedding planner business, you must have to take the help of SEO to earning a higher ranking in search engines. SEO is a kind of thing that cannot be handled by anyone. Only a technical expert can provide you with some best ideas on how to optimize your site to get more traffic only to flourish your business. Therefore, it’s obvious to hire an SEO agency to look after your interest in a better way.

You can hire us to do local SEO for your website. We have a free SEO consultation option where you can share your thoughts about your future plan. 

How Many Time Does It Takes to Rank on Google?

This is perhaps the most obvious question that may arise in your mind if you’re new to online business. Well, it can be answered in only one word “it depends”. Yeah, ranking on Google depends on many things, such as website strength, competition, skill, budget, etc. 

But usually, it is seen, to secure among the Top 10 ranking you need an average of 4-5 months to reach at #1 spot. But that also depends on how you are performing on your website as well as in your business.

Long Tail or Short Tail which is The Best Keyword?

The main difference between these two is that long tail keywords consist of 4 or more words while short tails contain only 1 or 2. The former one is used for targeted viewers and the latter one is for broad traffic. Both keywords have their own value and a good SEO strategy never ignores any one of them. But compared to short tails, long tails are a little ahead as they receive better results from the search engines and there is less competition for each keyword phrase.

Like ‘Wedding planner Atlanta‘ is a short as compare to ‘Day of wedding coordinator Atlanta‘ this long tail keyword. The search volume is pretty high for ‘Wedding planner Atlanta’ but you have to spend a lots of time and money to rank this keyword. But at the initial stage if you target the long tail keyword ‘Day of wedding coordinator Atlanta’ then you will easily rank though the search volume is low. 

What is The Different between High and Low Search Volume Keywords?

It is true that if the search volume of a keyword is high then the profit will also high as compared to low search volume keywords. Because you will get a lot of traffic for that high-search volume keywords. 

But you have to keep in mind that more search volume means the competition is also high. To rank for such short tail keywords, you have to take a lot of high authority backlinks which are very costly.

But if you start will long tail keywords then competition will become low and without spending a lot of money on backlinks, you will able to rank on the 1st page within a short time.

There are many more benefits of targeting long-tail keywords and if you want to know such things, then please schedule a free SEO meeting with us.

Final Thoughts

So far what we have discussed most of the technical aspects that you require as a basic knowledge if you’re keen to launch a website on your wedding planner business. 

Because keeping in mind the current business strategy, it is essential for most of the businesses using this global platform to take your service or product being noticed by a maximum number of people. 

Only then you can find your business flourishing through the search engines that bring more and more traffic to your blog or website. Not only a wedding planner, may you all who are involved in different types of business find this article to know how to deal with their respective websites.

Thanks for being with me so far. Have a nice time!!!    

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