How Do I Get More Google Reviews For My Business?

How to get more positive reviews on Google my business page

Testimonials and reviews are always important for a business. Before investing their money in a service or a product, customers always like to research them and want to know if they are partnering with the correct one. 

But where to look for reviews for a specific business or its products?

One of the best places for people to look for reviews is Google

Can you imagine the impact whenever a business search in Google with your business name comes with a dozen 5-star ratings? 

People always want to know what customers say about your business rather than what you say. Thus, a business always requires more Google positive reviews to thrive and expand. Google reviews will impact the reputation of the business and its ability to attract new customers. 

However, getting customers to leave Google reviews is quite a challenging task. The more positive reviews you have on Google, the higher your brand will be on the SERP and create a strong online presence. Thus, in this article, we will cover those aspects that will help you get more Google reviews your business wants, along with your money, effort, and time.

Why is it vital to get good Google reviews for a business?

Google is one of the most popular and influential search engines on the internet, where people search for business information or reviews. It helps the customer decide whether to avail their service or buy anything from the company. 

Did you know almost 90% of potential customers search on Google before purchasing anything from a business?

A Google review can be a simple and quick process for a customer, but it has ongoing advantages for a business. Thus, if you are already waiting to get more Google reviews, it is time to prioritize it and check why it is vital for a business.

Customer 5 start reviews

More Google reviews mean more leads

According to a survey, nearly 88% of customers trust online reviews like personal recommendations. Building up the reviews can significantly help your business whenever a potential lead searches for something related to your brand. Your company review might show up in their search results. 

More positive reviews help in making more purchases

A well-optimized listing of Google Business profile with highly rated reviews will also assist you in driving potential leads to the brand website. Customers go through the reviews before making up their minds. It will bring the customers closer to the buying stage, and if your brand is sufficiently persuasive, they will convert. The positive reviews will create an automatic sales funnel for the business.

Creates online visibility

Google Review is a free service and an integral part of Google My Business profile. Thus, requesting the customer to leave a review on Google will improve your online presence without paying much for the advertisements. A positive review will also help you to appear on the related local SEO searches.

For example, when someone searches for the best car detailing near me, Google will show all the business profiles with a rating above 4. If you have a Google review with a higher rating, your business might end up on the conventional organic listing, driving more traffic to the brand website. 

Creates brand reliability

Customers only purchase from a brand with complete trust and reliability. Transparency and reliability enormously influence a client’s decision whether to decide on a product or a service. Google reviews help customers collect more information about your product’s effectiveness or the service type you offer. Positive Google reviews and how the brand responds to positive and negative reviews can assist in creating reliability. 

What are the necessities to get Google reviews?

The below aspects are perfect for getting positive and highly rated Google reviews.

Know Google policies

It is necessary to follow all the terms and conditions of Google while soliciting reviews. It means the business should never reward the customers for writing a positive review for the company.

Verified Google Business Profile

Creating a Business profile listing on Google offers only partial control over the listing. You have to create an account and verify that you own that business through the account. 

List the business on Google Maps

This listing will help the customers to leave their reviews on a business profile on Google.

How do I get more Google Reviews for my business?

 After knowing all the above benefits, are you curious about how to get more Google reviews for your business?

The below strategies will help you get more Google business reviews.

1. Knowing the entire procedure

The customer only takes a few minutes to write a review on Google. But they might ask you: 

Your product or service was great, but how do you leave a review for your business?

If you cannot answer this question, the customer might skip the portion and never leave a review. Thus, knowing the entire procedure can help them. The process of Google review is simple:

Search for the business name on Google Maps

When the business listing appears, scroll to the review segment

Write a review and rate the services

You can also directly add Google reviews on the website by clicking on the link.

2. Offer outstanding customer service

A sure way to get more positive Google reviews is to offer outstanding customer service. Depending on how you have treated them, it will compel the customers to leave a great review voluntarily. You can win their hearts without difficulty if you express gratitude, offer exceptional customer service, and create a beautiful relationship with the customers. Try to humanize the business through personal support to the customers. Once you have established this, you do not have to worry about asking for positive reviews.

3. Grab a free Google marketing kit

You will get a free marketing kit if you have a verified business profile on Google. The kit includes printable and digital Google collateral for promoting the brand offline and online. It also includes tools like printable flyers, cards with QR codes, posters, and others that will assist you in getting more Google reviews. 

Do you want to get more reviews with the help of a website, marketing materials, email newsletters, and social media channels?

Add the QR code at the end of each platform and marketing materials, and the happy customers will directly go to the Google review page. 

4. Responding to the current reviews on Google

Are your customers showing love by taking the necessary time and leaving you a review?

If yes, then you must reply to each of them. However, there will be negative reviews along with the positive ones. The primary aspect of leaving a good impression for more Google reviews is responding to them with equal gratitude and politeness. Most businesses do not reply to negative reviews. But responding to them will show how seriously you take their feedback and how valuable the customers are to you.

 For a positive review, thank the customers. However, sometimes, you might have to delete a review if it violates the terms and conditions of Google. For the negative reviews, apologize to the audience for their bad experience and contact them personally. Inquire about the incident and how you can improve. At last, offer them an incentive or discount which will make their day due to the negative experience.

5. Create a shortcut for Google review

Creating a direct shortcut link on the website is better for customers to write reviews. For this, you have to go to your business profile on Google, click the home tab, and get the more reviews card. Click on the share review form and copy the link. You can add the link as a button or hyperlink on the website. 

6. Thank you notes with the Google review invitation

You can send a thank you card on the anniversary or birthdays of your customer to improve word-of-mouth referrals and create customer loyalty. Make it easier for happy customers to write a Google review with the help of an invitation along with the card.

7. Share the existing positive Google reviews

Have you celebrated the positive review that your business just got now?

Always share the current positive reviews on your brand’s social media channels and website. It will remind the new customers to leave a review on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, website, and Google. It will highlight any great feedback your business gets and encourage other customers to leave more positive reviews. Not all customers are comfortable leaving a review on Google. Thus, promote all your existing positive reviews on different marketing channels to extend your Google presence awareness to others.

8. Build a Google review page on the brand website

It is one of the best ideas to dedicate an entire page on the website for Google reviews and testimonials. The customers should be able to access the page from the main menu and include a CTA to write new reviews. It will encourage the visitors to become customers and leave positive reviews. There are numerous plug-ins that also automatically connect the Google review page to your website.

9. Ask the customer for a Google review with the receipts

You can politely ask your customer to leave a positive review with a rating by placing the Google review QR code in the receipts. You can include the code in the printed, SMS, or emailed receipts. 

10. Update My Business Profile on Google regularly

Does your Google My Business profile feel connected to the services or products you are serving?

 Ensure your customers never feel out of place or have landed on the incorrect Google My Business profile page. Thus, regularly updating the business profile is necessary to maintain brand consistency. The profile should have standard photos, updated working hours, the latest news posts, and a business description. Your Google My Business Profile should entice new customers to immediately leave a good review about the brand.

Can you get 5-star ratings on Google reviews?

Yes, it is possible to get 5-star reviews for your outstanding products and services. 72% of people believe in Google reviews, and 92% always go for a brand that has over 4 star rating. 

Now, how do you increase your Google review rating?

Since Google always prohibits specific review types or submitting bulk reviews, getting only genuine 5-star reviews for a business is possible. However, a mixture of positive and negative reviews is good for a business as it will appear to be a genuine business profile to the clients. Sometimes, how a business responds to a Google review matters more than the 5-star rating. 

Where do Google reviews show, and how can you use them for your business?

Do you still need clarification about how to find my Google review link?

Google reviews usually show up in 4 places after going through each of them heavily. Google replaces a business with more positive reviews than with negative ones. Google reviews usually ends up in:

Map pack

The map pack or 3-pack of Google is the foundation of the local search. In this segment, Google selects 3 local brands with a location finder at the SERP top whenever anyone searches with a term like near me. Google will show the star-ranking brand in the map pack. Thus, if your business has good and high-rated reviews, it will rank higher in the search results.

Local service advertisements

Local service ads from Google are paid advertisements that appear at the SERP top whenever a customer searches with a related keyword your brand is selling. In this way, a user can go to the review page and make their own decisions. 

Business Profile

Users can search for your business with your name, bringing up the business profile. This profile will give detailed information like contact numbers, operating hours, and customer reviews. Showing off positive reviews on a business profile will improve the likelihood and customer trust. 

Search results

Based on the business type and the search results, Google often displays the most recent reviews in their organic SERPs. This way, potential customers can evaluate your reviews before visiting the business page or clicking on your website. Thus, the more positive reviews they see about your business, the more likely they will convert into potential clients.

Positive reviews on Google help in SEO and attracting customers to you whenever they search for related products or services. We have compiled some ways through which you can use Google reviews. 


Put the positive reviews on the landing and product pages to highlight their values. It will reinforce customer interest whenever necessary and improve the likelihood of converting the leads into sales.

Client consultations

Customers often enquire about services and products. Thus, to remain on top of the SERPs and Google reviews, you should have feedback from happy customers to display during those consultations. You can answer their queries about service or product quality with real answers from previous customers.


No one can sell a product or a service better than a happy customer. Thus, incorporating positive reviews in your advertisement can improve the marketing budget effectiveness. It will be a great endorsement for the potential customers.

Marketing materials

When designing a flier, business card, or brochure, you can use these positive Google reviews to represent the brand image to potential customers. It will help them to select your brand before paying for the product or service.

Business Signs

Business signs are among the best places to put your positive Google reviews. For instance, if you have a web designing company, you can create graphics or web banner ads to highlight Google reviews. It will increase the number of visitors converting into potential customers and encourage new clients to leave positive reviews on Google.


Google reviews help to repeat business and inspire the owners to do something new. It will also improve the SEO of the brand website. Thus, increasing Google reviews can drive more business and help the brand reach the top search engine. So, use Google reviews to your advantage and ask your customers to leave reviews for your business if they are satisfied with the service and product. Overall, Google reviews will enhance your business’s reputation, ranking, and benefits.

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