Top 12 Ways: How to Get Auto Detailing Customers?

Top 12 Ways: Get Auto Detailing Customers

Have you bought all the equipment for your car detailing business, and are ready to serve your customers? But now, a question is troubling you: How do I get detailing customers for my business? If yes, this writing will help you get all the answers to your questions, help you set up your business, and attract more customers to your brand. 

Many business owners of auto detailing think that making a branded t-shirt with the company logo, creating a business card, a website, and different social media accounts is enough to attract more customers. 

But will you still be in business with these customizations? Well, the answer is no.

It takes us to another question: How do you get more customers by giving out more business cards, SEO, or word of mouth?

Usually, the most successful businesses can provide the best car detailing services and the best customer retailing strategies and systems and attract them. Operating a detailing business can be difficult as most owners must learn how to attract new customers. They mostly concentrate on providing better crafts or buying new and updated tools. 

But this approach needs to be corrected. As a car detailing business owner, you must also focus on marketing and advertising to reach more customers. It will improve your sales and drive more ROI. In other words, a car detailer with a true marketing and advertising sense will excel in their business. 

What Is Car Detailing Business Marketing?

Marketing for a successful auto detailing business is getting more potential customers interested in the services or products of your brand. 

But do you know the basic differences between advertising and marketing?

Advertisement is one of the many parts of marketing. The owner must pay for ads in several places like newspapers, magazines, radio, and social media platforms like Facebook and Google. Let us tell you more about marketing and advertisement in detail below.

Marketing for your car detailing business

Marketing helps you understand what the niche market wants and demands. It also assists in attracting customers with the help of tools like advertisement and research. In other words, you will get to know the potential customers interested in your services or products. It includes marketing research, promotion, a website, sales, branding, advertisement, PR, customer satisfaction, and distribution to get more customers. 

Advertising your car detailing business

Advertisement creates visibility, awareness, or the chance of getting seen by potential customers. The best example of strategies or advertisements includes digital marketing to reach a broader audience. It can be through the conventional advertisement method in magazines, radio, television, newspapers, and many more, and digital means of Facebook, YouTube, or Google ads. 

12 Ways to Get Detailing Customers for Your Business

Below, we have compiled the best 12 ways to get to the most customers and attract them to your business. 

1. Defining the Customer Profile

The first step is to define the market, the customers you will target, and how you can relate to them. You can start by defining the demographic of ideal customers, like age, gender, income level, geographic region, race, and ethnicity. After that, you must research what they want by answering the questions below.

Which type of people do you want to serve, and where are they present?

The answer to this question is that the ideal customer can be anyone, such as commercial or taxi drivers, 9 to 5 commuters, or corporate clients. The corporate client is a major sector where you can get all the contracts for the cars or trucks belonging to a single organization.

What can be the desire of those ideal customers?

Most customers want their cars to be clean and neat with optimal performance.

What are the frustrations or problems of those customers?

The biggest problems most people encounter are their automobiles looking dirty, regular scratches, and unkempt look. 

How to satisfy the client’s desire?

You can satisfy the customer’s expectations by offering services to restore the paint and repair the vehicle. You can also Local SEO Service to prevent future scratches or damages with a protection film. 

Thus, if you can answer all the above 4 questions with 80% answers, then you can easily find customers without difficulty.

2. Sponsorship

There are chiefly two sponsorship sources: online and offline. Online includes forums or other platforms that have your niche audiences. Thus, you can sponsor the homepage of veterinarians to attract some of their heavy traffic to your website’s landing page. But before going for a sponsorship, you must ensure that you will get good traffic for every effort, money, and time. 

A car detailing business can also opt for offline sponsorship in car or sports events. Since the customers related to your business will be attending this type of event, it is one of the best ways to let them know about your brand through sponsorship.

3. Creating A Website

An online presence is necessary to get new customers for the car detailing business. The business necessitates website creation and is vital for informing the customers, improving brand recognition, driving sales, and enhancing value. 

Running an online or offline business without a website is a big no-no. With the help of a website, customers can search for services, know the operating hours, and find out the store’s exact location. 

For creating a website, you should decide the website’s principal objective, select a domain name, and select a web host. Always design the website with the UI and UX interface in mind, forcing the existing customers to keep coming back and acquiring new ones for your business.

4. Word of Mouth or Referral Programs

Most companies start their business with the help of word of mouth and referral programs. It is one of the smartest ways to attract more customers. You can start washing the client’s cars outside your workshop where others can notice your work. In this way, you can gain new opportunities and ask the customers for new business by referring your services to others. 

If you can efficiently implement the word-of-mouth strategy, then stop worrying about how to get new customers. With the help of outstanding client experience, people will organically refer your service to their family and friends. Always try to exceed all customers’ expectations and include a loyalty program. 

Want to imprint a sense of love and care in the customer’s heart?

It is easy. Try to note the birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special events in their life and offer a discount for that occasion.

5. Listing the Company in a Local Directory

One of the best ways of creating an online presence for your business is to reap the benefits of local directories. Long keywords are the best to target for local directories like Google My Business, Google Maps, and Yelp. All you have to do is create an account, put all the vital information and images related to your business, and wait for the potential clients to notice your company.

6. Retargeting

Have you ever encountered the same item on a website that you have seen before? Did you visit a website that you wanted to buy from but left the site during checkout? 

If yes, then you have been retargeted. Retargeting is one form of marketing where the website includes a Javascript, commonly called a pixel or cookie. It follows customers all across the internet, displaying particular ads related to the services or products you have searched for. Only 2% of organic traffic customers buy services from your website. However, 98% of the potential clients come from retargeting.

7. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

There are nearly 3.5 billion searches each day on Google. However, the detailing-related searches change according to the state and city. So, it is mandatory to invest in business SEO to gain more customers. SEO includes the best strategies, like guest posting, creating high-quality content, podcasting, and many more, to rank your website at the search engine’s top. Besides these, implement the following SEO strategies to increase your business credibility in the eyes of search engines.

  • Research for related keywords that your targeted audiences might be searching for online
  • Publish a blog regularly and optimize it with preferred images and keywords. Try to pick a topic related to the business and engage the customers.
  • Always place the external and internal links evenly across the entire website. Establish a sensible, contextually suitable, and valuable connection with the links. 
  • Always make the photo sizes compressed so the loading time is always less

8. Email and SMS Marketing

Email marketing and SMS marketing are other significant strategies to get more customers for the car detailing business. You can provide numerous customer advantages for a unified experience you use. Customers can interact through their preferred channel, and you can offer them multiple mediums. 

You can implement email reminders and SMS marketing to send the most appropriate message at the correct time. The email marketing content should be great, the targeted group should be particular, and the offer should be mouthwatering in email and SMS marketing. Otherwise, it can backfire on you.

9. Facebook Ads

Over 1 billion Facebook users are present and regularly active on the platform for over 2 hours daily.

Now, the question is whether your customers will be on Facebook. The answer is that they will be there. 

Thus, it is high time to start advertising on Facebook. Car detailers should take advantage of this ad platform as you can set the target of who will see your advertisements. For instance, you can target the audience of 37 to 60 years of age who want a sports car detailing within a particular region or country. 

10. Google Adwords

Google Adwords does not allow car detailing business owners to target audiences according to gender, age, or interest. But with the help of this ad platform, you can target the people searching for your relevant services on search engines like Google. People who are searching for car detailing services are screaming to you:

I need help with my vehicle, and who can solve this problem near my area?

Your business ad will reach out to these people, who can click on it and land on your website. Thus, Google ads will help your car detailing business to get to those customers who need the service most. You can set up the campaign according to your necessity and budget.

11. YouTube

YouTube is the second most searched platform after Google. Video optimization is another technique through which you can take your website to rank higher in SERPs and thus attract customers. There are strategies and tactics to take your video to the top, like searching for the keyword through a keyword planner. Through YouTube Video Optimization, people can find your website whenever they search for detailing services near your city. This way, you can convert the spectators into potential customers and improve your subscriptions, website views, sales, and other metrics. 

12. Social Media Influencers

Influencers from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and many more include huge followers. You can take it with them and go for a collaboration plan to promote your car detailing business. You can ask the influencer to offer their fans a free or a giveaway service. If the influencer has any fans already looking for an auto detailing service, they will rely on their idol’s word of mouth and will surely go for your company. But remember not to be too pushy and always be informative and creative. 


A successful car detailing company is primarily propelled by the core team and its founder’s vision. Thus, to have a strong clientele base, it is necessary to implement all of the above strategies for the business. For a sustainable client base, the car detailing business owner should increase the adaptive capacity and clear the essential value their business will give customers. Test the above strategies and check which works best for your business. 

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